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Introduction of the activity of Pontes Public Foundation up till now

The aim of our foundation is to promote the social role taking of the people and organizations living in Hungary and in Central Europe that represent and preserve communal values on regional and national level, with special regard to young people and the European integration processes. Our foundation supports with its activity the more and more widespread introduction of the opportunities, challenges and initiatives that are present in the European Union. It supports intercultural processes. With special means it widens the circle of participants who take part in and play a role in public life with special respect to young people. It participates in the educational and training processes beyond the institution. It contributes to the support of the communities and institutions which deal with children and the youth. It encourages the social integration of people with disabilities and their communities. It cooperates with the organizations and corporations of historical churches. Together with its aims the foundation helps the organizations in Hungary and the Hungarian organizations beyond the frontiers and the EU frontier cooperation processes. It provides information service for the people and organizations that represent and preserve communal values. It promotes a more efficient social dialogue of the participants in economic life, public life and youth life.
We organize trainings, conferences and we give assistance to the arrangement of value-oriented programmes. Naturally we cannot omit consultation for applications either, since we observe that the news of several applications (including European Union applications) do not always reach those concerned or if it happens so they do not always get help to prepare high-standard applications. The principle which leads our foundation is that actually there is no such institution, foundation or civil organization which would consciously undertake the orientation of young Christian people in public life.

Our most significant projects carried out so far:  
2004 Religion-youth-public life international seminar: In the course of this event we dealt with the social and public role taking of young people in the ecclesiastical communities.
From 2004 on: organizing Parish Reformed Youth Circle and active participation in it.
2004-2005 creation and coordination of „Village-action” in which we organized leisure programmes with value-oriented film club-programme and presentation of sports events together with our settlements’ young people.
The summer of 2005 Star point: one of the characters of the Market of Possibilities, organization and leading of the creative staff.
2005: In the scope of Religion-youth-media Seminar we assess the activities of the central-Transdanubian youth communities and in cooperation with Veszprém TV we organized a broadcast series in a youth magazine.
From September 2005 our foundation runs a guest house with non-profit quality in the building of the Reformed parsonage by which it sponsors the Reformed community in Nagyvázsony.
2004-2007 Pontes-scholarship programme in the scope of which we can support about 50 young people countrywide. The young people are entitled to get the support who take part in the activity of youth communities in small settlements in addition to their studies in higher education. The candidates have an advantage who had reference from the priest, besides, those who do their public activities in settlements with less than 800 people.
In January 2006 publication of Nagyvázsony Messenger – a free monthly paper in 1000 copies- which is available in most homes and institutions in all settlements belonging to the notary district of Nagyvázsony.
The beginning of 2006 Representing our foundation Szabolcs Fábry, the former chairman, held a seminar on writing applications and studying of sources on the Nationwide Youth Manager Training organized by the Youth Office of the Hungarian Reformed Council. At the same training our present chairman, Mrs. Fábry Tímea Takács dr. introduced to the participants of the training civil rights and the legal fundamental questions of the protection of children and the youth.
From the spring of 2006 our foundation is continuously carrying fresh fruit to the local kindergarten.
In the summer of 2006 and 2007 organization of a Christian summer camp for children in Szokolya and Bázakerettye, in the youth guest house run by the local Reformed community.
In the summer of 2006 organization of a family event about the welcoming and farewell of summer in Nagyvázsony.
In September 2006 financial support for the starting of school for the students in Nagyvázsony
In autumn 2006 In the scope of the training called Mediation, Handling of conflicts, gaining sources in civil work we acquainted young people with the possibilities of social role taking and with the help of this they can participate in the public life of their villages at home.
In December 2006, 2007 active cooperation in the programme series called Advent Joys.
On our foundation’s initiative it is the second year that in the scope of the programme series a living crib was set up in the courtyard of the Reformed parsonage in December 2006.

Our foundation is continuously supporting the work of the Ecumenical Relief Organization besides, it takes part in social and charity actions.    

Phone/fax: +36-88-264-279,
Mobil: +36-20-421-3652
Adress: H-8291 Nagyvázsony, Kinizsi u. 69.

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